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Make Life Easy With TITAN
Enhance Your Workplace Productivity
Make Life Easy With TITAN


Managing Documents in TITAN

Most of the Office365 and SharePoint users find it very difficult to work with out-of-the-box screens and that is one of the main reason for low user adoption when it comes to Document Management in Office365.

TITAN Document Management System is a custom-solution built on top of Office365 and SharePoint, that has a simplified and unified view of all documents such as My Documents, Team Documents and Project Documents.

TITAN DMS has further simplified document sharing by allowing users to have their own custom-sharing-groups and custom-metadata (document grouping by document types). This makes your DMS easier to use as compared to Office365 out-of-the-box experience. TITAN definitely offers greater flexibility and better usability while working with your documents.

Document managing cycle

Features offered by Document Management System:

  • Share Documents - User will have the rights to share documents with their co-workers for review and feedbacks.
  • Versioning - With versioning, there will always only be one file and you will always have access to all previous versions.
  • Search - Document search using metadata or content.
  • Sharing groups - Create your own groups and share documents.
  • Co-Authoring - Multiple team members can work on the same document at the same time (not available in On-Premise SharePoint)
  • Document permissions - Document level permissions can be assigned for read only or edit while sharing.
  • Documents shared with me - Unified view of all shared documents.
  • Mark your documents as Private - So that no one else can access and view them.
  • Drag and Drop - Directly drag and drop their files into My Documents and can later edit the metadata of each file.
  • Easy to see Folder Tree - User friendly view of document path.


Managing Project Site in TITAN

TITAN has simplified project tracking with a custom application that is built on Office365 and SharePoint. However, Office365 offers project-site concept as out-of-the-box feature but it is not very user friendly especially having a unified view or project progress, documents, tasks etc.
Project Site in TITAN is your next Advanced Project Management Assistant, that is very easy to use.

Project sites

Gains with TITAN Project Site

Project site in TITAN gives you a more comprehensive way of tracking a project's progress:

  • Unified view of project team and their roles and engagement schedule
  • Define team member’s rights for documents, tasks and adding members to a team
  • Tasks management made easy
  • Project Summary on the homepage
  • Project Documents stored within Project Site
  • Project progress notifications
  • Easy and user-friendly view

TITAN Project sites View

Quick View Dashboard

TITAN Dashboard is central information site that offers unified view of actionable items. One can manage tasks and approvals in My Dashboard page.

  • List of project allocated – One can switch to project site.
  • My profile – Contains your credentials.
  • My Tasks – Easy view of tasks pending with you and tasks that you have allocated to another. One can see the progress and status of each task. These tasks can be either general tasks or My Project related tasks.
  • My Approvals – Quick view of approvals which are pending with you or pending with others. Wherever approvals are required, one can see them in My Dashboard and take action.
  • Notification center – All notifications generated by TITAN are available at a single location called Notification Center in TITAN. These notifications are a copy of e-mails sent as alerts from TITAN.
  • Sticky notes – For quick notes and reminders. One can delete them once job is done.

TITAN Dashboard view

Feature Rich Intranet in a Box

TITAN comes with a host of collaborative features having simplicity along with the ability to collaborate without the need to have a deep technical expertise. TITAN offers excellent productivity tools widely used for enterprise collaboration, content management, and searches.

Your business is probably working toward adopting a digital workspace strategy to enhance collaboration between you and your co-workers. TITAN has all those features already built into it.

  • Announcements
  • Employee of the Month
  • Sticky Notes
  • Occasions
  • Organization Structure
  • Quick Links
  • Events
  • Media gallery
  • Employee Directory
  • Tasks
  • Polls
  • Conference Room Booking
  • New Joinee
  • New Initiatives
  • Suggestion Box
  • Discussion forums
  • Social (Yammer, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Multilingual
  • Multi Company

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TITAN is ready-to-go Intranet for the companies those have invested in Office365 or SharePoint. It is developed by Microsoft Gold-Certified-Partner having specialization in SharePoint and Office365.

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